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In-Depth: Familia Photography

Family means everything.

Even though my brother and I are posing, parents often view their children as “the apples of their eyes”. Thus, from a parental perspective, documenting moments like this is crucial since it captures good memories and reflects on the importance children have on the parents’ lives. Furthermore, the image can appeal to other individuals who are either siblings themselves or parents. Though I cannot recall which of our parents suggested or arranged the photo, it is clear that the purpose of the image was to capture a happy occurrence through photographic documentation for memory. Compared to the memories I can recall about my relationship with my brother when we were younger, this image reminds me that we had more good times with each other than too complicated. Personally, this image is significant as a reminder of the inseparable bond siblings can have, no matter the age difference. If something tragic does happen in our lives, this image reminds me that my brother and I will be able to lean on each other for support—no matter how old we become. Siblings are meant to be each other’s motivators and “best friends for life”. Through this image, my brother and I can display the significance we both have in each other’s lives, despite our age difference and genders. As mentioned earlier, we view each other as equals, which establishes a balance between siblings and strengthens the relationship since there is little to no rivalry between them.

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