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Developing the Concept of a Comic Strip

Developing a script is never an easy process, even when it is for comic strips.

Creating a comic script requires a lot of investment, both artistically and technically. Usually when I work on developing a comic strip, I first consider the idea I have for my characters. Where does it take place? Who are the characters? What do they look like? What are they doing? All the important things that make a story-- a story.

Everyone differs in their creative process, but usually, starting off with figuring out the story helps the process flow easier before actually drawing out the story, which brings me into the next element. Drawing it out. Everyone has a different art style. Usually, I like doing things in color to provide a visual on what the characters will actually look like, versus what audiences are left to imagine. However, having that imagination on certain physical descriptions can help enhance the story more. Growing up, I enjoyed reading manga, which the colors were often black/white/gray. The dialogue always enhanced the story along with the sketches. Thus, for now, I too have chosen to kept my images in black/white/gray as a practice run before actually adding color to measure the effect. Sometimes, color can be distracting, but to test this theory, I have provided my comic strip in black/white/gray ONLY rather than in color.

Even though there is no actual dialogue between the two characters within the strip, the actions speak for themselves. Here, we have a stoic male lead, watching over an elegant woman as she picks flowers from the garden. She then surprises him by giving him a flower and placing it in his hair. The expressions speak for the emotions between the characters and the mood of the setting as well.

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