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Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Amaris I. Manning lives with a cardiac condition called Prolong QT Syndrome, which she's had since birth. As a teenager, she was a fanfiction enthusiast and even wrote some of her own and received an extensive range of followers on multiple writing platforms. Amaris always craved sharing stories with people- the romantics, the adventurous, the mysterious, and even those who enjoy a variety. Her first novel, "We, pEOPLE" was published while she was an undergraduate college student during her senior year.

Amaris enjoys storytelling by creating her live-action and animated short films, aside from writing. 

She is also a digital artist, having created numerous art pieces that she sells through her website and posts on her social media. Her love for art and storytelling drove Amaris into creating her webcomic, HELLIONS, available on Webtoon under the alias @amarisenquirer. 

Aside from being creative, Amaris is an entrepreneur, having started her graphic design and art business. She specializes in logo designing for non-profit and for-profit enterprises. Her services are distributed across the United States and overseas, thus far, in France, England, Indonesia, India, Mexico, China, and Japan.

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